True Things

Glennon’s list from Love Warrior.

I recently read Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton and it was a wonderful read. I took away so much from it.  I took a photo (see above) of one page in particular that really resonated with me, one that displays a list of 5 things Glennon wrote that she knows for sure. It’s a beautiful list that I’ve read and reread multiple times since I finished her book to help keep me grounded.

There have been several things that have thrown me off balance over the past few weeks.  Nothing life shattering but enough at once that from time to time I feel shaken.  I think it’s important to have a set of beliefs that you can cling to in these times.  Right now, as I figure out myself and my own beliefs as a sober woman, I’m borrowing Glennon’s list to find my balance again until I am ready to make my own.

The one thing I would add to her list, the one thing I do know for sure to be a true thing at this point is this:

6.  You will survive. You may not want to, but you will and that will be enough.

We may not end up where we wanted to be, but we will always end up where we need to be.

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